Welcome to your birthday celebration at Kaptein GulliX lekepark at Sirkus!

You are welcome to bring your own cake and party bag. It is forbidden to have candles on the cake. Ps: The party bags are to be handed out when the children are leaving the playland.

There are 3 birthdayrooms. They are called “The mermaid”, “The pirate” and “The shark”. The rooms are shaped the same with some different décor and themes.

The adult should also have fun during the birthday party. We are therefore having free coffee to all the parent that have children that are in a birthday party. You also have the opportunity to by something of your choice in the cafe.

Birthday invitations
You can get preprinted birthday invitations at the playland, or you can download them and print it out yourself.
Bursdagsinvitasjon (PDF)

Execution of the birthday
Our lovely birthday hosts meats you by the enstrence to welcome you. We recommend that you show up a little bit before scheduled time. You eat and open presents in the birthday room. You have the birthday room for an hour, and the birthday celebration can go on for as long as you want.

Cancellation is done over the phone, Tel: +47 97 99 16 83. We are available on the phone between 11.00-19.00. Changes to the menu must be made at least a day before. If less children show up than what is originally booked, the food must still be paid for if you haven’t given notice of the change. You will not have to pay for the entrance for children who do not show up.


Menu 1
Entrance + 2 hotdogs, soft drink or slushy.
(give notice if you want chicken/vegetarian sausage)
Only 130,- per person

Menu 2
Entrance + 1 wood pizza vegetarian, soft drink or slushy.
(Cheese, ham, tomato, basil and parmesan
Only 150,- per person

Menu 3
Entrance + 1 wood pizza vegetarian, soft drink or slushy.
(Green pesto, Mozzarella, spinach, herbs and fennel seeds)
Only 150,- per person

Menu 4
Entrance + Chops sticks sushi, soft drink or slushy.
(plate with 6 pieces)
Only 150,- per person

Menu 5
Entrance + Chops sticks fried noodles, soft drink or slushy.
(with chicken)
Only 150,- per person

Menu 6
Entrance + big bite with ham and cheese, soft drink or slushy.
Only 150,- per person

Price per child:
– Partybag kr 40,-
– Chocolate cake kr 20,-

Price per item:
– Large fruit plate kr. 150,- (recommended for 10 children)
– Small fruit plate kr. 100,- (recommended for 5 children)

Mars 5D kino
1/2 price (30kr) for children in a birthday party. Can be ordered at the same time as the birthday booking.

Give notice of any allergies